White Paper for NSN 5120-00-837-9335

NSN Description

NSN 5120-00-837-9335 is a FI FIXTURE ASSEMBLY whose part number is PWC30057. Its unit price is not available and its delivery range is not available. This NSN was assigned on 12/09/1966.

Item does not contain Precious Metal.

Requisitions are done by General Services Administration, Washington, DC 20406. Stockage is done by Department of the Army. Technical Documentation is acknowledged by agency/country U.S. Army Aviation & Missile Command.


National Stock Number 5120-00-837-9335 has an FSG of 51 - Hand Tools, an FSC of 5120 - Hand Tools, Nonedged, Nonpowered, an INC of 77777 - FI FIXTURE ASSEMBLY, and a NIIN of 00-837-9335. .

Military Manufacturers, Suppliers and OEM

CAGE Information
CAGE Name Status Phone Fax
75245 KELL-STROM TOOL INTERNATIONAL INC. A (860) 529-6851 (860) 257-9694

Other Suppliers

The following ALICorp.com clients are authorized suppliers for this NSN:

Suppliers With NSN Capability
CAGE Name Mfr. CAGE Mfr. Name Avg. Deliv Unit Price Phone Fax Email
1X015 Nestor Sales LLC 75245 KELL-STROM TOOL INTERNATIONAL INC.     (727) 544-6114 (877) 307-0088 kimsuhr@nestorsales.com
61125 J G B Enterprises 75245 KELL-STROM TOOL INTERNATIONAL INC.     (315) 451-2770 (315) 451-8503 gyoumell@jgbhose.com
0FA68 New Era Contract Sales Inc. 75245 KELL-STROM TOOL INTERNATIONAL INC.     (253) 272-3553 (253) 272-4212 brenda@necsinc.net

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Released October 7, 2009